Purpose in Action...

A Mindset Intensive & Spiritual Journey to Support Women In Transition.
Ready To Go from Stressed to Purposed, Unclear to Clear & Struggling to Aligned? 
A 4 Month (15 week) Transformative & Compassionate Program to Help you Create Your BEST Next Steps, Move Into Your Vision & Way Beyond!

Are you ready to step out of where you are 
& lead a purposed, fulfilled & amazing life?
Then this is for YOU - it's YOUR time!

What Are You Putting Up With?  

Stress & Worry
Feeling stuck
Transition overwhelm
Fear of change, failure, success 
Lack of motivation, vision
Business struggle
Feeling unfulfilled or that something is missing
Unhappy you, Unhappy family
Don't know your purpose in life or how to get there
Don't know who you are In all of this

Yearning to do better & get to the next step in your life whatever that uniquely is for you?

I had to do something...

After seeing too many people struggling, not having clarity and direction and not living their dreams... I knew I had to do something...

I created the program that is a bridge to walk you through transition from where you are now to where you want to be - with more ease, clarity & support.
Need to find your way and you?
Need clarity and direction?
Want to up-level your life?
Want a boost or new opportunities?
Want to be living your purpose & dreams?

You'll get support, accountability, consistency, weekly content, tools, private calls, exercises, visioning, and love to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Let's align your inner self with where you're going!  We can do this together.

This Purposed Program Includes:
4 Modules with great content, 15 calls, 13 of which are one on one and 2 are group
Moving from Stressed, Unclear, Afraid and Unfulfilled... to Balanced, Focused and Reinventing the New You! 

You Can Turn It Around...
Are you ready to step out from where you are to lead a purposed, fulfilled & amazing life?
Then this is for YOU - it's YOUR time!
I'm here for you  

Here's What You Can Expect From Being In This Program:

*Be more Creative & Clear

*Learn how to De-stress so you can manage your days to get more of you in and to Thrive.

*Learn Easy Exercises you can do at home & Have For a Lifetime

*Feel Supported and Uplifted

*Go from Feeling Alone to Being Connected

*Burn Bright! not Burnout

*Have more Clarity and Direction - so you're not second guessing yourself every day, you have some guidance and you're excited!

*Live more in Alignment, Vision & Purpose - so you aren't feeling like something is missing and yearning for more

* Be In Sync with where your business
wants to go

*Take Your Next Step & Up-level your life!

*Be Loving the Journey you are on

Take this time to find your way, turn your life around & thrive in a 
15 week supportive intensive & transformational program!

 Want more answers?  Book a vision & clarity call. In this call we'll go over where you are now, where you want to be, what's been in your way and how to move forward.
You'll be much clearer on your vision!

A Mindset Intensive and a Spiritual Journey

  • Worksheets, PDF's Exercises etc - You will be accessing valuable & helpful documents and guides throughout the whole program  Value: $500
  • ​4 Modules & Weekly Content* - For optimal consistency in achieving your goals & dreams  Value: $2500
  • ​Accountability!  Often when we are doing it on our own we drop off. I'll help you with this. Value: Priceless!
  • 15  Zoom Calls - Coaching, Guided Visualization, Energy Techniques* - with Mitta. Consistently be seeing and moving into your vision. Balance Your Energy. Get support, break through blocks and stay on track.   13 One on one calls and 2 group calls. Value:  $3000
  •  Possibility Visioning -   As well as guided visualization - I will teach you powerful possibility visioning, so you can more consistently be in your vision  Value: $1200
  • Access to Me via Email and FB  - Support via FB or email so you have everything you need to become successful Value: $1000
  • ​Member Access - You will have member back office  access so you can access information, bonuses and more to make it easier for you as you go through the program Value: $500
  • Amazing Guest Input* - Extra input, tips & resources for you to move into your best life.  Value: $1000
  • ​ One to Two Program Challenges* - An extra boost as you go through the program!  Value: $197
  • ​​BONUS #1   Access to a Private Community FB Group You will get access to our private community group of wonderful women, so you can be surrounded with support and success   Value: Priceless!
  • ​​BONUS #2   Access to 25 Top Speakers on 25 Videos        These top speakers are sharing their best tips on ReInventing Yourself in Changing Times  Value: $197
  • BONUS #3*  Access to Clarify Your Heart's Path - Eight Speakers speaking on ways to get clarity  Value: $135
  • BONUS #4  Access to Video Wellness & Empowerment Chats - with Mitta and Dr Ellie  Value: $97
  • BONUS #5*  Access to Soul Strength 2022 - Four practitioners teaching you tools for a lifetime!  Value: $135
  • BONUS #6  Access to Break Through Blocks & Re-Invent! - 25 practitioners teaching tools on breaking through Value: $197
  • BONUS #7* Access to Alone to Connected - 6 practitioners talking on tips to move to connectedness Value: $197
  • BONUS #8* - Access to It's YOUR Time For YOUR Life Shift - 6 practitioners giving tips and exercises so you can finally make that shift you've been wanting.
  • ​Any asterisked bonuses are only available in the 4 month Purpose In Action - The Purposed Woman Complete

I take you by the hand through this process and will be there with you. 
You'll have accountability & finally the consistency you've been looking for to get to the next step. 
And of course you'll be inspired & propelled forward with all the amazing resources, visualizations,  as well as supportive energy, clarity & inspirational techniques.

Make life easier, brighter, clearer.
Hold your dreams closer, plant more seeds & then nourish them so they can finally bloom.
Sail away!

You Got This!

Value:  OVER $11,000!

The actual cost is much less than that and more affordable
Monthly Payments are Available


If you pay IN FULL then you get ONE MONTH FREE and receive


Invest in something for your future that lasts!
Instead of a dinner out, a piece of clothing or jewelry.  
Instead...you're investing in you, building your life & dreams.
You're finally doing something that gets you on track & gives you the support to continue.
That finally gives you the shift in your life you've been wanting for so long.

Ask yourself these questions: 

*What will my life look like if I DON'T make the changes I want & need?

*What WILL my life look like if I DO make the changes I so need & want?

*Can I afford NOT to do it?

Allow me to support you in your journey - I take you by the hand...
Let's get your inner self in alignment with where you're going!

Want more answers? Book a complimentary clarity call.   In this call we'll go over where you are now, where you want to be - your vision & dreams, 
what's been in your way & how to move forward.
You'll be much clearer on your vision! 
Or use this to get questions answered about the course.
You are ready for change! 
You know you want it & need it. 
You want to invest in yourself & your future.
And...you're excited!! 
             Click the button below to register                                                              


Life is better, more colorful, more brave. I'm here in Arizona now living the life of my dreams!  Thanks for all the work we did together Mitta
Marilyn Kay
At 42 I went back to school to become a family counselor - a decision about which I had much trepidation. As a child I had a learning disability and was teased and called stupid. The last grade I completed was the 8th. I turned to Mitta once again for her program and did the 1:1. Not only did I ace all the tests that I took over that period of time, but graduated in the top 2 of my class of 94 students. Again... thank you, thank you, thank you Mitta

Cynthia Arnold

Mitta’s course was jammed pack with content, tips and experiences to help me reconnect to my life’s path. She is one of the kindest person I know on this planet and has brought an extensive body of work to those looking to reconnect with their Life’s Purpose. 
I was inspired, encouraged and supported by Mitta and I really enjoyed the visioning exercises in the group.
 I look forward to spending more time with her in the future.
Pam Shriver
Financial Well-Being & Human Design Specialist
Mitta Wise is an angel! She is so loving, patient, supportive and encouraging. Her support and guidance are priceless. She helped me to start to feel hope when i felt hopeless. I am so grateful for Mitta!

Jodi Dybala

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When You Sign Up for Purpose in Action - You Get Instant Access To Our Private FB Purposed Community of Women!

  • Join Commited group of people on the same journey
  • Get Support so you never feel stuck
  • Celebrate your victories with us
  • ​Find accountability partners
  • ​Find lifetime friends
  • ​if you have a business you can be part of the business group 

About Mitta Wise

Originally a registered nurse from NZ, Mitta moved to Australia where she lived a more holistic lifestyle, so that when she finally settled in Los Angeles, California... it was an easy transition to being a holistic practitioner adding many holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, bodywork, and various energy therapies including TAT and EFT. 
From there she has trained with success entrepreneurs & developed wellness & success online programs - both one on one and group.  She has helped so many women in transition go from stressed to purposed - upleveling their lives big time in the process. She loves to work with simple techniques you can use daily and have for a lifetime.
Mitta is dedicated to your happiness & success!
In her down time she meditates, sings, walks, does yoga, and spends time with her partner Mike and friends. And...she is heavily involved in two non profits that are dear to her heart.
She travels to India or Nepal every year and NZ every 2-3 years.

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There are no refunds at this time - I want you to be 100% committed

Email: energyisnow@icloud.com
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